Mara’s Pasta is made from a proprietary non durum variety of wheat grown for Cook Natural Products by a network of U.S. family farmers. This wheat is segregated and converted using a unique milling process, to MARAGRAIN™ resulting in a whole wheat pasta with a unique texture and flavor. We are very gratified by the overwhelming approval that we have received from children and other pasta lovers as we have long recognized that nutrition without flavor and texture is not acceptable.

  • Almost all wheat pasta is made with Durum wheat, but Maragraintm is made from a separate and unique variety of wheat.
  • There are many varieties of wheat.
  • Maragraintm is non-GMO (not genetically modified) and is Identity Preserved.
  • Identity Preserved  means that it is kept separate from any other wheat throughout the process of growing and milling the wheat, and manufacturing the pasta. The identity of the flour is preserved.
  • In addition, Maragraintm is milled to exact specifications that contribute to the uniqueness of our flour and pasta.

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